Snake kite


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Snake kite

Easy to fly premium quality Snake designer kite.


Width: 68 Inch

Height: 32 Inch

Tail: 120 Inch

1 in stock

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This Single line kite is the perfect choice for someone who loves colors. The colorful snake kite looks beautiful slithering in pride around the vast sky.

How does the Snake Kite look?

The triangular sharp ends of this Single line kite make it look swift and quick when it hovers around the sky. The colorful frills at the bottom along with the yellow and black patched tail to the single line kite, gives an elegant look when in movement.

Which material is the Snake Kite made of?

The Snake kite is purely made of nylon, which eases the regulation and movement for the flyer. The kite line is made of nylon too, without a broken glass coat. This saves the hurting of the fingers. Since the materials used for this single line kite is carefully chosen, it is beginner and children-friendly.


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