Stunt kite Small size:

This stunt kite is small in size, manageable and easy to handle for a beginner. Though it is suitable for
a beginner, it is not the one for children below 7 years of age.

How does the Small Size Stunt Kite look?

The triangular shape with the wings pointing on the sides make the movement of the kite smooth,
swift and quick. The red and yellow patches with the blue patch between and black alongside the
border of the kite gives an attractive and striking look to the kite.

Which material is the Small Size Stunt Kite made of?

The material used for this stunt kite is nylon, which makes it strong and durable. The typical material
of the kite line needed to use for this kind of kite are made of spectra and Kevlar cords. These kites
do not come along with the kite line. They need to purchased separately.


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