This Single line kite is going to turn one of those vivid imaginations of your childhood into reality. You would not only watch a fish flying in the sky but also regulate the movement of the fish as per your wish.

How does the Red Fish Kite look?

This Single line kite looks bright and eye-catching because of the red and blue combination. The blue square within the triangle of the kite makes this single line kite look attractive in the sky. The bottom of this Single line kite is designed like the fins and the tail of a fish. This design makes the kite look similar to a fish swimming in the water.

Which material is the Red Fish Kite made of?

The materials used to make this single line kite is nylon for the body and the kite line, both. The kite line is free of broken glass coating which takes care that the fingers are safe. This single lite kite is designed for the comfort of the beginners and children too.