Pink Elephant kite


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Pink elephant kite

Easy to fly premium quality Pink elephant designer kite.


Width: 64 Inch

Height: 37 Inch

Tail: 108 Inch 9 Ft

29 in stock

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Watching a pink elephant in the sky is quite thrilling and exciting, isn’t it? This Pink Elephant kite turns the thrill and excitement into reality. To top it, you can regulate the movement of this pink elephant all by yourself.

How does the Pink Elephant Kite look?

The color pink always stands out in the middle of a light blue sky. The combination of pink, black and gray looks exhilarating amidst the clean blue sky. The flying and trailing trunk and tusks contribute to the comfortable movement of this single line kite. The design of the pink elephant is perfectly fitted within the triangular shape of the kite.

Which material is the Pink Elephant Kite made of?

The nylon material used for the pink elephant kite makes the kite flexible and easy to fly. The pointed wings of the kite provide a swift movement to this single line kite. The kite line material is that of nylon without the broken glass coating which saves the finger from slitting or bleeding. This single line kite looks attractive and interesting to children too.

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