Peacock kite


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Peacock kite

Premium quality easy to fly Peacock kite.


Width: 60 Inch

Height: 87 Inch

Tail: Approx 60 Inch

10 in stock

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Peacock is everyone’s favorite and beautiful bird of all. We may have never seen a peacock dance in the sky, but we can make our peacock kite dance gracefully in the enormous sky.

How does the peacock kite look?

This single line kite has colorful dots on its yellow background. The long end trailing along with this single line kite gives a gracious movement when seen moving in the sky. The perfect combination of yellow and red looks attractive and elegant dancing in the sky.

Which material is the peacock kite made of?

The material used for designing the kite is nylon, which makes the Single line kite easy to handle and durable. Keeping in mind that the peacock kite can be used by beginners of all ages, the kite line is made of nylon without a broken glass coat. This avoids cutting of hands and fingers.


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