Medium size Stunt kite


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Green Medium size stunt kite

Beginner level two line stunt kite. Size : Medium.

Good for strong and medium winds. Generates good sound while doing stunts.


Width: 86 Inch
Height: 31 Inch

6 in stock

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With the size being a little bigger than the small size stunt kites, the wide spread wings contribute in giving the kite a rather striking appearance.

How does the medium size stunt kite look?

What makes the medium size stunt kite eye-catching is the colour combination of green, white, grey and black. When this stunt kite appears to be flying in the sky the green colour mixes with the colour of the sky and makes it look attractive. The black outline helps the kite to be clearly visible in the blue sky. The pointed wings make the kite move swiftly and quickly. The medium size stunt kite is of a manageable size.

Which material is the Medium Size Stunt Kite made of?

What all the more makes the kite manageable, is the nylon material used for its durability. The kite The line used is that of Spectra or Kevlar cord. Since the kite line is not provided, it requires to be purchased separately. It is a beginner-friendly kite but not for beginners below 7 years of age.

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