Dragonfly kite


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Dragonfly kite

Premium quality easy to fly Dragonfly kite.


Width: 64 Inch

Height: 38 Inch

Tails: 51 Inch

12 in stock

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The Dragonfly you would be owning will be the biggest and the friendliest if you buy this kite. The Dragonfly’s movement would be controlled by you as per your wish.

How does the Dragonfly kite look?

The pink, red and blue color combine perfectly with each other making the kite look like an enormous yet a bright dragonfly hovering around the clear sky. The strings attached to the three sides below make the single line kite look interesting to children. This is a kite that children as a beginner would love to fly.

Which material is the Dragonfly kite made of?

The nylon material used for this single line kite makes it sturdy and flexible with its movement in the vast spread of the sky. Keeping in mind that children and beginners would love flying this kite, the material of the kite line has been very carefully chosen. It is made of nylon without broken glass coating, which takes care of the finger not slitting and hurting.

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