This single line kite is the best choice for all pet and animal lovers. It is designed in the shape of a dog face. Just that instead of a leash you would master the dog with a kite line.

How does the Dog Kite look?

The purple face with the black and red ear lobes provides a diverse and attractive appearance to this single line kite. The earlobes flicker as the kite flies and brings a smile on the face of every flyer and spectator. The eyes, nose and the mouth clearly remind us of the innocence of a dog.

Which material is the Dog Kite made of?

The nylon material used for the body and the kite line makes this single line kite strong and easy to handle. The kite line is free of broken glass coating; hence one need not worry about hurting the fingers or the hands. This single line kite is a definite attraction for every child. It is a beginner-friendly kite as well.

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