DIY – Color and fly Kite making kit

For all the kite enthusiasts who love to fly kites. We are introducing our DIY KITE MAKING KIT. Now you can design the kite of your imagination & fly it too. The kite kit comes with safe and attractive items like durable paper, 2 spars to firm the kite, kite tail, and Crayons to add colors to the kite. The materials in the kit are totally safe to use and are designed keeping in mind that a child of age 4 years can also make their own kite.

Kite kit includes

  1. Kite skin – Non-Tearable, waterproof premium quality paper.
  2. Kite spars
  3. Kite line
  4. Kite handle
  5. Kite Tail
  6. Crayons

Size: 17 Inch x 17 Inch

Wind speed: 8 Kmph to 16 Kmph