Curved Eagle kite


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Eagle kite

Premium quality easy to fly beautiful Eagle kite.

Width: 72 Inch
Height: 32 Inch

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So what if we can’t fly like an eagle?
We can surely fly one. This light weight, easy to handle kite in the shape of an eagle is definitely a choice for children.

How does the Curved eagle kite look?

The curved eagle kite looks extremely attractive and bright in the sky. This single line kite is suitable for beginners and children of all ages. The wing shape given to the single line kite looks similar to that of a real eagle. The blue color of the single line kite merges and moves effortlessly flying around the hue of blue in the sky.

Which material is the curved eagle kite made of?

The kite line for the Curved Eagle Kite is made of nylon, without a broken glass coat. This kind of kite line avoids cutting of fingers in between the fun experience of flying the kite.

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