Blue Shark kite


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Blue shark kite

Premium quality easy to fly Blue shark kite.
Width: 76 Inch
Height: 168 Inch

6 in stock

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If you own the Blue shark kite, the shape of this single line kite is going to catch your attention. This unique Single line kite is designed specially in the shape of a shark to offer a different appearance flying in the sky.

How does the Blue Shark kite look?

This single line kite has a dark blue color with hot colors designed in the shape of a fire flame within it. The long tail of this single line kite looks classic when it hovers along the sky dominating over its space. There are two fins attached by the sides of this single line kite which flicker too on flying.

Which material is the Blue Shark Kite made of?

The nylon material used in the body and kite line makes the specially designed kite sturdy and manageable. The kite line is safely made to protect the fingers from slitting because it is free of broken glass coating. This also makes this elegant Single line kite comfortable for beginners of all ages.

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