An animal everyone adores is a baby elephant. If you own this Baby Elephant kite, you’re sure to attract attention right from the moment it starts to fly.

How does the Baby Elephant kite look?

The contrast of red, pink and orange with a blue background and black outline gives a striking look to the kite. This kite is sure to melt the hearts of all the spectators. The vibrant colors blend effortlessly with a clean and clear sky shining out like the sun. The flying trunk and the orange strings along both the corners of the kite add on to the bright appearance of this single line kite.

Which material is the Baby Elephant Kite made of?

This kite is completely made of nylon, which eases the flight of the single line kite. It is light, easy to handle and also effortless in flying. The kite line is made of nylon too. Due to absence of the broken glass coating, fingers don’t hurt or bleed. This Single line kite is absolutely beginner and children-friendly in terms of weight and kite line material.

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