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What lines should you use for your dual line stunt kite?2020-09-02T11:56:07+05:30

Spectra Or kevlar lines are recommended for dual line stunt kite flying. This string has 0.9% extensibility which is important for stunt kite flying.

How long should your dual line stunt kite lines be?2020-09-02T11:55:22+05:30

70-80 ft kite line is recommended for dual line kites. With this length you have good control of the kite and great response time. While flying with a tail one can increase the length of the line to 120 ft.

Can you fly a framed dual line kite with Tail?2020-09-02T11:54:15+05:30

Yes, you can attach a long streamer or tube inflatable tail to your Dual line kite. You can attach it at the center bottom of the kite. There should be a hook to attach. You can also attach 2 streamers/tails on both sides of the kite. They look really beautiful up in the sky while doing acrobats with the kite. While flying with a tail one can increase the length of the line to 120 ft.

What’s the easiest way to launch a kite?2020-09-02T11:52:45+05:30

Have a fellow flyer or helper to carry the kite downwind 20 to 30 paces while you let out the line. Make sure the kite nose is pointing upwards during the launch. Now pull in the kite line to launch the kite upwards and the kite will climb into the sky. If you do not have a helper or a fellow flyer to help you with the launch, you can look for a steady object to lean your kite for support. Make sure the kite is leaned on the support with the nose pointing upwards. Now do the same, pull the kite line and the kite will climb up into the sky.

What age group is suitable for kite flying?2020-09-02T11:51:55+05:30

Kids below the age of 3 are loosely recommended, also there is no such danger in premature kiting. For single line kites age 3+ are recommended. While for dual line stunt kites age 11+ are recommended.

Do we accept Debit card, Credit Card or Net banking?2020-08-25T19:05:22+05:30

Yes! we do accept Visa and Master debit and credit cards. Payment via net banking is possible through our payment gateway


Do we accept International orders?2020-08-25T19:06:22+05:30

Yes! We do accept and deliver orders internationally. For International orders kindly email us your order details and shipping address. One of our officials shall get in touch with shipping charges and time to delivery to your country.

Contact details:

Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Whatsapp: +91-8888357096



How many days will it take for your order to be delivered?2020-08-25T18:55:35+05:30
  • For Metro Cities: 2-4 working days to deliver your order.
  • For Urban Areas: 3-5 working days to deliver your order.
  • For Sub Urban and Remote Areas: 4-10 working Days to deliver your order.

We ship via Indian Speed Post, Tirupati courier, Maruti courier and DTDC. Tracking code will be mailed to you at your email address as soon as your order is ready to dispatch. After which you can track the status of the order through the courier services tracking portal.


Which Weather is Suitable for Kite Fighting Events?2020-08-25T18:51:11+05:30

In India suitable weather for flying a kite would normally be post monsoons. The speed of wind suitable for kite flying is between 8 – 20 KMPH. To get an approximate estimate, the wind should be enough to rustle the leaves of trees and bushes but not enough to take your hat from your head. Air lighter than this won’t be able to carry your kite and stronger winds won’t let you control your kite.


Good place for kite flying?2020-08-25T18:47:49+05:30

Any wide and open surface is an excellent choice for kite fighting. Beaches, Terraces, open ground or parks can be good place for kite flying. In India, related to it take place in the desert which is spread for miles and even at beaches. But take care of power lines and telephone cables while flying a kite.


How much wind, is good wind for my kite?2020-08-25T18:42:37+05:30

Each kite flies stable in different wind speed. But for most of the kites wind speed between 8-15 km/h is good wind for flying. With experience, you’ll quickly learn how to feel the air currents through the line and keep your kite aloft in lighter winds too.


Can we Gift wrap your order?2020-08-25T18:31:13+05:30

Unfortunately, we do not offer gift wrapping at the moment. But we will be happy to include a complimentary gift card with a short message. Just mention the message in Instruction box, found in checkout page.

Never received tracking number for your order. How can you find?2020-08-25T18:27:06+05:30

Sure! We have tracking numbers for every order. If you have provided your email address while ordering, we should have sent the tracking information to that email address. Kindly, check your Trash/Spam folders to make certain your email program did not dispose of the delivery info email as spam. Just give us a call or send us an email, let us know your name, order number and the date of your order, and we’ll provide the tracking number. We can also track the package for you online.


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