Why choose FLY360 ?

FLY360 is a renowned name in the kite flying and making industry. Started with just a group of passionate kite flyers in 1994 to make it an internationally known kite designer and flyer company we have come a long way and a longer way to go. Our experienced kite designers are well known for their expertise in choosing the right materials, perfect cuts and precise stitching makes our kites easy to fly and stable in air even when the wind is low.

Each of our kites have unique design and bright color variations which brightens up the sky. These kites are popularly known as fancy/designer kites due to shapes and structures. They can be customised based on customer requirements. Our fancy kite sizes range from Mini kites as small as 4 inch small to 200 feet long snake kite and more. These kites are made of strong durable materials which are waterproof, durable and strong. The kite line and kite handle provided are custom designed keeping in mind that kites are a favorite of kids.

So what are you waiting for?? Buy a kite from us and experience a whole new world of kites with FLY360. We are sure if you buy once you will be tempted to buy more and grow your FLY360 kites collection.


Our Vision

Our vision is to rejuvenate the culture of kite flying in India more and be the leading platform for flying and making creative kites for various purposes like kite festivals, marketing brands, special recognition, product launches etc in the sky. We aim at leaving a creative dent in the minds of viewers and also adding a unique and sagacious touch to the events and special days.